The ultra-sharp anti-stick blade for the perfect cut!

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  • AirBlade technology - ultralight, stable and sharp;
  • Non-stick coating for perfect cutting;
  • Ideal and safe for easy cutting;
  • Ergonomically shaped handles;
  • Dishwasher safe.

Ergonomically shaped special handle - lies perfectly in the hand even in wet conditions


Ideal and safe for easy cutting


Ergonomically shaped handles


Non-stick coating for perfect cutting

A knife that fulfills your desires 100% and literally merges with your hand.

AirBlade Technology

The most modern technology gathered in one knife, which creates an air cushion between the blade and the product. A real sensation in cooking. The airbag effect means that with each incision, we introduce air between the knife and the product. The knife is designed in this way so that there is no friction and resistance. The airbag effect allows you to cut everything as you wish.

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